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Fire safety education by a professional City of Milwaukee veteran firefighter.

Hey! This is Dan Barsch, CEO & Founder of Total Home Safety.

Browse below to learn more about how I developed this fire safety education program from over 25 years of professional firefighting experience.

This Is How We Started


CEO & Founder, Dan Barsch, became a professional firefighter in the city of Milwaukee, WI.


Dan realized a need for fire safety education based on real firefighting experience.


Dan founded Total Home Safety to bring professional firefighter experience into homes across the country.


Dan continues to grow Total Home Safety and educate renters, home owners, and families across Wisconsin.

Meet the Course Creator:

Dan Barsch

CEO & Founder of Total Home Safety

Professional Firefighter (Retired)

I'm a retired professional firefighter with 30 years of experience in a major metropolitan Fire Department.

I've responded to hundreds of fires throughout my career and have witnessed first hand the horrible tragedies that impact people's lives when a fire occurs in a home.

I've designed this course, Total Home Safety, to create awareness and to educate people on the importance of following Safe Practices in their home in order to reduce their risk of accidental fires.

Additional Credentials

  • FEMA certified Home Disaster Inspector - Parsons Brinkerhoff 2012

  • Member NFPA

  • Director of Safety Operations - Key Management

The Need is in the Numbers


home fires occur with no fire department notification, annually.


in annual property damage from fires in the U.S.


increase in U.S. fire deaths in the last decade.


out of 1,000 fires are caused by lit household candles.

Educate yourself and your family, and potentially save a life.

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